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Nike+ Sportwatch GPS

One of my favorite gifts from the holidays is my Nike+ Sportwatch with GPS (thank you Chris!). With half marathons fast-approaching in February and April, you can bet this watch was on my wish list! What drew me to this watch was all of the tracking capabilities: pace, timer, calories, distance, GPS and laps/intervals. I was tired of resorting to the treadmill for my tempo runs, but now with this watch, I can keep an eye on my pace when running outside.Nike+ Sportwatch

Yes, this watch also reminds you to run! We had some pretty snowy and icy weather here recently which forced me to do some runs inside at the gym (where I’ll use my iPod nano with Nike+), so it had been a few days without this watch seeing any action. The reminder came up 4-5 days after my last run; I almost avoided using it just to see when the reminder would come up!

The watch comes in a handful of colors, most of which are pretty masculine so I opted for the plain white. The display screen is large and easy to read which makes it hassle free to check mid-run. After your workout it displays the time elapsed, distance, average pace, calories, and has your lap times scrolling along the screen. You can plug this watch into your computer with the USB cord that comes with it to sync all of this data to your Nike+ account online (my favorite part!). The GPS feature creates a map of your route and tracks your pace in comparison to the elevation – a very cool way to analyze your run! Check out all of the details at:

Nike+ Sportwatch

Nike+ Sportwatch with GPS: Tara Tested, Tara Approved! So far so good with this new running gadget! I haven’t had any issues so far (knock on wood!) and it seems to be very accurate when it comes to tracking my distance and pace. I have no excuse to skimp on my training with a watch that will tell me to get up and out there! Happy running!


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