Salad Streak

After a weekend of birthday celebrations including, but not limited to, way too much pizza and M&M consumption, I decided I needed a little reboot before the holidays. I made an agreement with myself to eat a salad for lunch and/or dinner for at least 7 days (ideally the two weeks leading up to my trip home for Thanksgiving). I went to the grocery store and was pleased to see my cart contained NOTHING that came in a box – just produce, protein, and salad dressing. Let’s go!


Here are a few of my favorite salad ingredients from this streak: 

  • Baby spinach, romaine lettuce, spring mix salad bags (go ahead and buy the pre-chopped stuff, can’t beat the convenience)
  • Hard boiled eggschicken salad (I made my own), chicken meatballs, steak
  • Cherry tomatoes, red onion, red peppers, cucumber, mushrooms, apples, roasted sweet potato
  • Walnuts, feta cheese, dried cranberries
  • I toggled between Garlic Expressions Classic Vinaigrette, and Archer Farms White Balsamic & Honey Vinaigrette for dressings

*Be careful when adding toppings to your salad! Nuts, cheese, dried fruit, and dressings can pack a lot of calories in a small portion size, so I suggest measuring out the portion to prevent going overboard.

**Don’t forget to add protein to your salad to keep you feeling full!

IMG_0379 IMG_0387

Salad Streak – 11 days: Tara Tested, Tara approved!  Most days I had a salad for lunch and tried to spice it up with different mixings – I honestly didn’t feel deprived or bored. “Ugh, a salad again?!” was neither thought nor spoken. Now that the holiday season is upon us, why not start your own salad streak? Enjoy a festive indulgence or two knowing that you’ve had (or will have) a healthy salad for one of your meals. Happy eating!


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