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National Donut Day Update

Happy National Donut Day! It’s been a little over a year since the beginning of my quest to eat a donut in all 50 states and I’ve made some progress. Since returning home to NJ last summer, I have been able to cross more local states off my list, bringing my total tally to 23. I’ve even added a foreign country to my list!

Federal Donuts was the stop in Philadelphia, PA – cake donuts aren’t my ultimate favorite, but the flavor options were unique and delicious. In New Jersey, it was Montclair Bread Company and the ultimate chocolate frosted donut, complete with chocolate shavings and sprinkles.2015-07-17 18.54.39It was hard to settle on one donut shop in the greatest city in the world, but DOUGH in NYC proved to be a smart stop. I’m glad I had an entourage with me so we could get away with sharing 1/2 a dozen and trying all of our favorite flavors.


Rhode Island may be a small state but Allie’s Donuts are a big deal – a line out the door by 7:45 am! And when you’re in the ocean state, you have to enjoy your treat on the beach. Most recently, my Mom and I drove up to Connecticut to run a half marathon and you guessed it, enjoyed a post-race donut from Flander’s Donut and Bake Shop.

I’ve gone international! Lucky for me, while on a cruise in Northern Europe we meandered through a farmer’s market in Helsinki, Finland and found blueberry donuts.


I’m excited to do some more traveling this summer and knock Washington and Alaska off my list – a huge milestone in the quest to venture outside the continental US! A trip to Virginia in a few weeks warrants a “redo” – my original VA donut was from Ronald Reagan National Airport (which I have determined should really only serve has placeholder until I can make a more proper visit; same goes for Texas!).

Enjoy National Donut Day responsibly today!




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