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“heaven in a mouthful”

I would like to introduce you to COYO, a dairy-free, coconut yogurt. This is a new item to my local grocery store (ShopRite) and it has become an instant favorite of mine. I noticed the product a couple weeks ago and was excited to learn that it is Whole30 compliant! One thing to be aware… Continue reading “heaven in a mouthful”

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Honeyed Plum Crostini

Try this sweet and simple recipe for your next cocktail party! Ingredients 1 cup crumbled goat cheese 1 cup plain Greek yogurt 1/4 cup honey 12 Italian prune plums, pitted and quartered 1 cup walnut pieces 1 baguette Mix the cheese and yogurt well. Add 2 tablespoons of honey to the cheese and yogurt mixture.… Continue reading Honeyed Plum Crostini

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A “Toast” to Registered Dietitians

March is an exciting time of year for nutrition professionals. First of all, it's National Nutrition Month, and second, today is National Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day! For those who don't know, a registered dietitian (RD) has a degree in nutrition, dietetics, or a related field, has completed an internship, and has passed a registration exam.… Continue reading A “Toast” to Registered Dietitians

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Protein PB Chocolate Chia Pudding

Ever get a hankering for chocolate, but don't want to sabotage your healthy eating? Look no further. Try this recipe the next time you get a chocolate craving and go ahead and indulge without the guilt. Chia seeds and chocolate protein powder are the stars of this recipe - chia seeds are a great source… Continue reading Protein PB Chocolate Chia Pudding

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Pineapple (Chocolate Chip) Muffins

For me, 90 degree weather is no deterrent to turning on the oven - especially when it means ultimately enjoying and sharing a tasty treat. I picked up a pineapple from the store and had a hankering for muffins, so I decided to try something new and make pineapple muffins. The recipe made 21 muffins… Continue reading Pineapple (Chocolate Chip) Muffins