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“heaven in a mouthful”

I would like to introduce you to COYO, a dairy-free, coconut yogurt. This is a new item to my local grocery store (ShopRite) and it has become an instant favorite of mine. I noticed the product a couple weeks ago and was excited to learn that it is Whole30 compliant! One thing to be aware… Continue reading “heaven in a mouthful”


Whole30 Round 2: Reintroduction

Today is January 31, which means my #JanuaryWhole30 is complete! HOORAY! It was a great (and fast) month with delicious food, more energy in the mornings, and fewer sugar cravings. My intentions for this Whole30 were a little different than my first go round, when I was really just curious about the program and whether or not… Continue reading Whole30 Round 2: Reintroduction

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5 Foods that Fight Inflammation

Inflammation is our body's response to different stressors. Short-term inflammation is beneficial. For example, if you get a cut, the skin surrounding the wound begins to turn red and may swell slightly; these reactions occur to heal the wound. Long-term, or chronic inflammation on the other hand, can be detrimental to our health. This type… Continue reading 5 Foods that Fight Inflammation