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Pumpkin Power Cake Muffins

I recently tried Kodiak Cakes pancake mix (Power Cakes, Protein Packed) and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. I'll make pancakes for breakfast once in a blue moon,┬ábut this mix boasts 14g of protein for 3, 4-inch I wanted to give it a try. I prepared the batter with milk (which brought the protein… Continue reading Pumpkin Power Cake Muffins

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Creamy Kiwi Smoothie

Summer smoothies linger on into fall when there is a new Ninja blender in the house! My Dad, aka "Smoothie Steve" hit the jackpot last week on his birthday when he opened up a new Ninja blender. I gave it whirl myself the other day and created this creamy green smoothie, loaded with vitamin C… Continue reading Creamy Kiwi Smoothie